The Make it flow campaign
Adobe Nordic picked up on my illustrative work and asked to feature me in their Make It Flow campaign, fall 2015. They made a portrait of me and my Franimals. The portrait was published on their blog and alongside with it we recorded a Master Class Video on how I create my artwork drawing on my iPad.
"Why Swedish graphic designer Fredrika Stern loves Adobe mobile apps and capturing animals in a sketchbook..." To read the full story visit the Adobe Creative Connection Blog.
To push for the campaign banners with my artwork were running on: Cap&Design, Dagens Media and Resumé.
The Creative meet-up
In fall 2016 Adobe reached out again. This time I got to speak at the Adobe Creative Meet-up, an event connected to the launch of Creative Cloud 2017. To follow up on last years campaign we set up a digital-drawing-station at the event. With preset color palettes the guests could color my Franimals in Photoshop and at the end of the night they all got to bring home a poster – their own colorful version of my artwork.
The event toured throughout the Nordics and the coloring station was set up in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki.
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