Kolormondo is Esperanto and means a world of color. This Swedish innovation challenges the perception of color – how it’s organized, presented and understood. Kolormondo is a learning tool that comes in the shape of a physical 3D model but also as an app for desktop and mobile. I’ve been part of developing the Kolormondo brand. My work ranges from creative concepts and campaigns to implementation and development of the visual identity. To explain and package the product a presentation film was created. Due to the tiny budget, I teamed up with a friend and together we filmed and art directed the presentation film for Kolormondo, seen above. 
Client: Kolormondo | Video © Fredrika Stern & Jonas Åhlén | Music: Gonzales Never Stop.
I got to create Kolormondo’s website with responsive layout. It covers the full story about Kolormondo and is niched towards school teachers – the biggest segment of the target audience. The site is also home to Kolormondo’s web application – an online tool used professionally by teachers and designers. Each time the start page is refreshed the navigation appears in a new color scheme. The site also hosts a web shop.
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