Client: Nivea Men Sverige | Agency: Cheil Nordic
Social campaign concept for shaving product series Nivea Men Sensitive – shaving gel and after shave balm. Our campaign that was aimed for the Nordics, had to live under a global concept called "It's not about the blade", already created for Nivea Men in other countries. The challenge was to turn the existing ultra-masculine style of previous campaigns under this message, into something suitable and tasteful, for the Swedish and Nordic markets.
The result: A minimalistic expression, inspired by painter Magrittes' famous oeuvre "Ceci n'est pas une pipe".  
3 animated posts for Instagram and Facebook: 3 objects, all knife-sharp but clearly not for the use of shaving. An axe, a potato peeler and a hockey-skater, together with a copy line that says "This is a razor". All 3 posts ending with a Nivea Men product pack shot and the message "It's not about the blade". 
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