Client: Mitt Vatten | Agency: Hilanders B2B | Development: Agigen
Mitt Vatten needed a platform to market their ongoing campaigns, host a blog and newsfeed, but also a place to gather general information and assets, supporting their cause. The main target group was elementary schools all over Sweden – teachers and their students. The solution became a one page website that fulfills the above requirements. The website is also created to work as a forum for the teachers – a place where they can access and download educational assets to be used in class.
Campaign material for the National Carwash Weekend that takes place once every spring. is a responsive, one page website. The top part of the site always serves to market the latest or ongoing campaign/initiative. The header is followed by a section containing a grid with selected water facts - illustrated to appeal to kids. Behind each ”card” is a text providing some knowledge about water appears. 
To break the vertical flow we created an interactive illustration with a horizontal scroll. The user can ”walk through” the water life cycle and learn new facts by the text-bubbles that appears when scrolling.
Lastly, a section that pulls in content from Instagram hashtags and placing it in a nice grid. This mosaic of images can be used in for campaign purposes. The page ends with a promotion video from Svenskt Vatten. 
Animated illustration of the water life cycle
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